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A Fundamentally New Level

The Cessna Citation CJ4 is one of the undisputed leaders in the light aircraft niche for business aviation.
Thanks to innovative design solutions, the Citation CJ4 reached a fundamentally new level and quite unexpectedly managed to catch up and even surpass its main competitors on many indicators. High cruising speed, excellent range of non-stop flights, more spacious cabin compared to its predecessors, advanced navigation systems, powerful engines and many other not so noticeable advantages.

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Passengers 7
Beds (persons) 0
Cabin attendant N/A
Satellite phone N/A
Wi-Fi N/A
Length 5.30 m (17.40 ft)
Width 1.25 m (4.10 ft)
Height 1.49 m (4.90 ft)
Baggage capacity 2.18 m³ (77.00 ft³) 472 kg (1041.00 lbs)
Number of baggage 5
Max cruise speed 835.25 km/h (451.00 knots)
Max cruise altitude 13716.00 m (45000.00 ft)
Max range 4009.58 km (2165.00 nmi)
Max hours   (Without a fuel stop) 4.25 h

Standard floor plan configuration

Citation CJ4: Standard floor plan configuration

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