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The Dassault Falcon 900LX is not only the most luxurious but also the fastest private jet. The liner is capable of developing about six hundred miles per hour when flying at high speeds. It makes non-stop flights up to 4300 nautical miles.

The aircraft can carry up to 19 passengers. The Falcon 900LX is powered by three Honeywell TFE731-60 engines, which consumes 303 gallons of fuel per hour.

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Passengers 14
Beds (persons) 4
Cabin attendant Yes
Satellite phone N/A
Wi-Fi N/A
Length 10.12 m (33.20 ft)
Width 2.38 m (7.80 ft)
Height 1.89 m (6.20 ft)
Baggage capacity 3.60 m³ (127.00 ft³) 1300 kg (2866.00 lbs)
Number of baggage 14
Max cruise speed 870.44 km/h (470.00 knots)
Max cruise altitude 15544.80 m (51000.00 ft)
Max range 8750.70 km (4725.00 nmi)
Max hours   (Without a fuel stop) 9.00 h

Standard floor plan configuration

FALCON 900LX: Standard floor plan configuration

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